Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day in Stockholm

In my quest for a turkey in Stockholm for Thanksgiving, I decided to post the question of where to find one on the discussion board of an online English newspaper here called The Local. Here are a few of the answers I got: 

              -Most large supermarkets have frozen turkeys of around 6-10lb size. Ingelsta Kalkon will definitely have one, although they can be a little pricey. And our ever-so-reliable-in-being-over-priced local butchers, Taylor & Jones will also gladly take your hard-earned cash for mediocre goods
              -Have you actually looked in a supermarket? They pretty much ALL have frozen turkeys at the moment... Willy's are selling for whole frozen turkeys for 49.90:- per kg which is not bad...
              -you may have well posted " where do i buy potatoes" such is your lazyness. if you cant do the simple things then you do not stand a chance in hell of actually cooking the thing. stick to tin food. (This one was my favorite, from someone who calls himself "Mirrorman")

Based on these responses, I find it interesting that neither of the 2 major grocery stores - Hemköp nor ICA Kvantum - located near my apartment sold any turkey whatsoever. Not an ounze. 

On Saturday morning, I visited Ingelsta Kalkon in Östermalms where I found not only various sizes and parts of fresh turkeys for sale, but also Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix, Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix, and Libby's canned pumpkin puree (for about $13/can - fortunately, I already had fresh pumpkin!). I settled on 2 turkey breasts (a whole turkey for 4 people seemed a bit excessive), and headed home to prepare my first self-made Thanksgiving feast. 

The menu was:

rosemaryturkeybreastssweetpotatocasserolegreenbeansstuffingcranberrysaucebutternutsquashcornbreadgravymashedpotatoes AND pumpkinpie for dessert


I have to say, it was pretty delicious

So take THAT, Mirrorman


  1. Nice one Katie! Mirrorman is kind of a jerk.

    How's it all going in Sverige? You living there makes me feel incredibly guilty that I haven't tried living there for more than five months...Maybe one day!


  2. I AM IMPRESSED...with your enthusiasm and perseverance...against all odds (including Mirrorman) and a FANTASTIC final product! The time and energy you spent in creating your first Thanksgiving in Sweden has now been memorialized and will be with you FOREVER!! Great work, Katie.

  3. Philippa - Things are going well, I start work next week :) And the week after, I head home for X-mas!! You should move back here! haha but seriously, don't feel bad, 5 months is a long time! I've only been here for 2!

    Maureen - Thanks, it was fun! And now I'm prepared for all Thanksgivings to come!