Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Afternoon at Galleri Duerr with James Bradley Jr

"I worked to do with my right foot what others did with both"

So said Los Angeles-native Mr. James Bradley, Jr about his musical career as one of the world's finest jazz and rock drummers. On Sunday afternoon, Mamie Hyatt led Keepin' the Beat: An Afternoon with JBJ in Galleri Duerr in Odenplan. 

JBJ started tapping to the beat of music from the time he was in his crib, and demonstrated true musical talent at the age of 3 banging on pots and pans. At age 4, JBR was recognized as the world's youngest professional drummer.

Since then, Mr. Bradley has continued to live his passion, playing in a variety of bands, including Mary's Danish, Chuck Mangione, and Anita Baker. He has also played with The Beastie Boys, Crazy Town, and Lenny Kravitz.

On Sunday, his audience was lucky enough to hear the first-hand story of his music, and then to hear an incredible mini concert. His talents are truly amazing and make me wonder - was I doing anything at the age of 4? 

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