Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Game of Kubbspel

Kubbspel = horseshoe + bowling a la Viking style

Kubb is the ultimate Swedish summer game, as I discovered last Saturday at my first Birthday Bender and first experience playing Kubb. Basically, the kubb 'court' is made up of 2 rows of wooden blocks with a tall wooden 'king' block in the middle. Each team tries to knock down the blocks on the opposite side using wooden sticks [note these can also be used to vent frustration by throwing them at opponents rather than at blocks]

The game of Kubb is sometimes referred to as 'Viking chess,' although there is no real evidence that it goes back that far in time. Regardless, Kubb became popular in the 1990s when sets were made in the masses, and can now be found in almost any Swedish gas station all summer long. Apparently, the game is also gaining international recognition - there's even a World Championship, started in 1995, on the Swedish island Gotland. 

kubbspelarna [the kubb players] / birthday bender partakers

Although my team lost both matches, I still enjoyed my introduction to Kubb. And I have to say, its pretty convenient for relaxing in a park: drink in one hand, stick in the other. 


  1. Could you tell us more about the bender, sounds really cool, who came up with that idea???

  2. I am still waiting for the blog about the world of Ella... I reckon it'll be AWESOME!

  3. Dear Anonymous user, Yes, the bender was an incredible party that took place over an entire weekend organized by this really cool girl... what was her name again? Oh yes, Ella. And yes, there may be an upcoming blog post all about Ella, you will just have to stay posted to find out more!

  4. I am curious about Ella now....

    We can play Kubb in Gotland in July. What kind of drinks go best with Kubb??

  5. Luckily this weekend your team had some upgrading and won the Kubb match against Team Ella with clear overpower! Go Team Dodd! :)