Thursday, June 30, 2011

Midsommar in Steninge

Sweden's Midsommar is like America's 4th of July
minus the fireworks
plus lots of snaps (really strong liquor) and pickled herring
and a Midsommar pole which everyone dances around like a frog

And so, for the occasion, we drove 6 hours across the country to Nik's dad's family's stuga  (cabin) right on the North Sea.

Here's the view from the house

And this is what the traditional Midsommar lunch looks like - boiled potatoes, a wide variety of sill (pickled herring), and snaps... also knäckebröd with just a little bit of butter ; )

Feeling good after... how many shots was it? And it's only lunchtime!

After lunch, it's game time! And here is croquet's all-star blue team

The weekend was lots of fun with tons of food, drinks, and merriment by all. My only request: that Midsommar holiday weekend be extended to at least a week. But I really can't complain with my 3-week holiday right around the corner!

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