Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cupcake Stockholm

For months I've been aching to try Cupcake Stockholm, and this evening as I biked home from work, I decided: today is the day. I can't say I was disappointed

The top is a classic Red Velvet and the one below is Fäbodjäntan, which is apparently a very strange old Swedish movie (really not sure where the name came from, but it was kind of a strange cupcake as the top was sprinkled with pepper). They also had one called the Michelle Obama (chocolate, raspberry, and licorice) and the Elvis (chocolate, banana, and ... wait for it ... bacon).

I fully indulged in these delicacies, as last night I ran the 5K i-form race in 23:26 minutes (not a far cry from my old days of running cross country) and placed 23rd out of 837! 

Nothing like a Thursday night of red wine, tacos and cupcakes!


  1. I also want to go to Cupcake Stockholm!!! I have been dancing now for 5 days and yesterday I was at bodycombat for 1 hour and run 5 km after that - so I deserve a cupcake or two as well! :D :D

  2. Nice job Edda! You definitely deserve a cupcake : ) And I really need to join salsa some time... too bad my SFI classes are starting on Wednesdays now. But another day for sure!