Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweden's National Day!

Swedes love their royal family. Through sickness and in health, birth and scandal, there will be a line of cheering supporters wherever the king, queen, prince, and princesses go.

And today, for the first time, we were members of that entourage - my first in-person royalty sighting!

our excitement pre-sighting

Just a row back from the front, we waited patiently in the afternoon sunshine for a glimpse of Sweden's renowned family. Diplomats drove through the crowd, followed by a skateboarder, a couple of motorcycles, and finally, the coveted moment. Led by the royal cavalry guards, 2 carriages rolled by, carrying the king and queen, and then the royal kids, waving happily in their traditional outfits .... and then they were gone. As fast as the moment came, it went - that was fine with me because I was hungry. Still, a cool experience to see the most famous family in Sweden.

the royal "children" - Philip, Madeleine, Victoria, & and Victoria's new husband,                              Daniel (a commoner!)
King Karl Gustav XIV & Queen Sylvia (originally German)


  1. How fun that you got to see them! We thought we would do it as well but we pooped out after a loonnnng day of bike riding. :-) Love your photos!

  2. Thanks Grace Ann!! It was really cool to see them :)