Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roadtripping through Southern Sweden

Our journey started in NS' hometown, Västervik,
which lives up to its motto, "The Pearl of the East Coast" - especially in the summertime.

Our next stop was Nina's family island, in the archipelago outside Västervik
where we swam and sun-bathed, explored and relaxed, ate good food, and drank wine
until the sun went down.

Back in Västervik, we watched thousands of motorcycles in the annual parade of HojRock
Northern Europe's biggest motorcycle festival.

We had some amazing family dinners
late into the evening,

followed by fresh night swims
in the moonlight.

After 9 days on the East Coast,
it was time to venture way out west - to Steninge.

We visited Halmstad, a beautiful, windy coastal town
full of surfers and beach-lovers - my kind of place.

Family gathered together in the family cabin on the ocean, surrounded by fields of cows,
and ran around the yard until we were warm enough to jump in the brisk waters.

For a few days, we did this
and I enjoyed every second of it.

As always, it was time to go home too early.
But just as we've barely arrived back in
Stockholm, we leave for the US to see
American family and friends - 
and get some true summer heat.


  1. Our door is always open in Toronto if you guys find yourselves this way in your trip home! ^_^

  2. What a wonderful summer you have had!!