Monday, September 24, 2012

FUN @ Debaser

Last Saturday night, 3 American girls gallivanting through the streets of Stockholm found ourselves at Debaser in Medborgarplatsen where FUN played an excellent - albeit short - concert to several hundred fans. After enjoying cocktails with intriguing names such as Shady Place and Hips like Cinderella (I can recommend both), we managed to squeeze our way to within a couple meters of the stage, immersed in the intense cheers of a jam-packed&sweaty crowd. Perhaps these cheers were what prompted lead singer Nate Ruess to announce that we were his favorite crowd ever. He'd never say that to every crowd, right

Regardless, Ruess' voice is incredible, the band's music is light-hearted and fun, and the atmosphere of the show was indie-pop-haven. It made for a great night out, despite our failed attempts to meet the band afterwards. We settled instead for Sky Bar in Skrapen, Söder's highest building with incredible views overlooking the city.

My head and my feet faced the consequences on Sunday... but the night was well worth it.

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