Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And so it begins

Finally! The breakthrough of my modelling career has arrived! I am The Local's official model of how to eat a semla. At least how to eat a semla the "aristocratic" way and the "milk bomb" way.

Semlor (plural of semla) are Sweden's precursor to Lent. I would venture to say that many, if not most Swedes don't know what Lent is. No matter, it's only important that we eat semlor this time of year, and mandatory on Fat Tuesday. 

And what a great tradition. These amazing treats consist of sweet buns cut in half and filled with almond paste and TONS of whipped cream. They're incredible

I've been known to go overboard on my consumption of semlor on Fat Tuesday. Last year I think I ate 4. Doesn't sound so crazy, but each one of these is the size of a hamburger - and probably double the calories. 

Anyways, this year, I kept it to a modest 1.5 on the day (add a couple more for my season total). But hey, I've got to compensate for my annual tradition: since I was about 13, I've given up all desserts for the 40 days of Lent. Some of you, I can imagine, are thinking that's no big deal. For me, I can say this is a very big deal. And of course that's why it must be done. There has to be some point throughout the year during which I practice a bit of self-control, right? 

So here it goes. 1 day down, 39 to go...


  1. you are so adorable (& strong-willed!) Move over Joan Smalls and Cara Delevingne

    1. Thank you CJ! So thankful to have you doing it with me this year :) We can help each other!