Wednesday, January 20, 2010

21 yoga classes and counting...

Last month's blizzard forced me to re-evaluate my daily outdoor running routine. Yes, it was physically possible for me to continue running through snow and sub-freezing temperatures. And I'd done my fair share of it along rough paths carved out of two-foot snow drifts while at school in Boston. But it is not exactly my first choice for staying in shape over the winter months when it seems almost fitting to plump up a bit against the cold weather.

Still, I decided this winter that instead of hibernating and waiting for spring, I'd give hot yoga a try - and not just any hot yoga; Bikram yoga. 26 positions. 105 degrees F. 90 minutes. By try, I mean aim to get to class at least 5 times a week. I started this personal challenge on Dec 23, and have since developed a new appreciation, among other things, for sweating. I can honestly say I've never sweat more in my life - the perspiration literally flows out of my body during class. It's all part of the detox process, though, and by the end (most days), I feel good - and have earned the right to eat pretty much whatever I want for the next 24 hours.

I wrote about my initiation into this life-altering yoga for Bay Weekly a couple weeks ago - check it out here Read about it. Try it. Be assured that you will get an incredible work-out. It will be really tough at times, but the benefits will far outweigh the struggle.

Tonight as I walked out of the Annapolis studio, the owner called after me "Katie, you rocked it in there." The sweating pain dizziness nausea burning heat was worth it in that moment and I smiled. And then tripped over my mat, still slippery with sweat. Graceful or not, I'll be back tomorrow.

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