Thursday, January 28, 2010

Star-sighting at Sundance

When I found out I'd be coming to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival, I was excited for a number of reasons, one of which was the hope of seeing some celebs. Many people in town during this week have similar expectations of sighting "someone famous," whoever that may be. Yesterday walking up Main St, a limo passed by and someone yelled "Are you famous?!" at the vehicle, to which the guy inside replied "yea" and there was a collective "cool! whoa!" in response. No one actually knew who it was, but that wasn't the point - they'd at least heard someone of importance.

I decided that I would try to blend in with the celeb atmosphere aka perhaps be mistaken for being a star myself (decidedly unlikely) - or at least come as close as possible in Target jeans and hand-me-down "vintage" sweaters from my aunt. Well, today I came probably as close as I'll ever come to a big-shot personna, dressed as a marshmellow in my ski attire. My brother and I were taking a break from the slopes, treating ourselves to hamburgers and fries at a picnic table by the lift. We got up to leave, and were snapping in our boots to skis when my brother looked up.

I think that's Adrian from Entourage over there.

He pointed someone out, and I immediately dismissed the possibility. He insisted, and I reflected on my star-spotting track record so far this week: missed Adrian Brody when I nearly pushed my shopping cart into him at the grocery store; missed Kevin Federline walking right by me on the sidewalk; and anyone else I thought I saw turned out to be wrong. So we both stood there and stared - my brother and I - for what must have been about 5 minutes before deciding to go talk to who my brother had determined with 100% assurance was Adrian Grenier.

My opening line: are you Adrian from Entourage?

Not my finest moment, but how exactly do you start such stalker-esque conversations? Of course the people who started to flock toward Adrian at this point made it clear that he was indeed the infamous star. I tried to recover my lame opening line with you're show is great. What are you doing here at Sundance? to which he responded I've got a movie here as if that should have been obvious.

post-Adrian sighting excitement

After that it was clear that Adrian was ready to get back to his snowboarding, and the conversation disolved to a weak goodbye - no picture, no autograph, no proof whatsoever of the encounter. I swear this actually happened though. And honestly, who can blame Adrian for not being over-friendly? If I was a world-famous celebrity, I'd do just what he was doing: join the rest of the Canyon's skiers and snowboarders in bulky snow gear and red-rimmed goggles, enjoying my brief anonymity - that is until spotted at a picnic table over hot cocoa. Damnit.