Friday, April 16, 2010

A Nice Day for a ... 26.2-Mile Run

Patriot's Day. Marathon Monday. A day off. However people know it as, next Monday is a celebration in the state of Massachusetts. It doesn't mean much to those of us back here in Annapolis, but for me, it conjures memories of no class, and maybe even warm, sunny spring weather (if that exists in Boston). In essence, it's a day of partying interspersed with watching the runners of the Boston Marathon pass by - all 25,000 of them - panting their way up the last stretch of Heartbreak Hill.

For Annapolitan Jennifer Quinlan, the day will be a whole other experience: she will not only be running her first marathon, but her first organized race of any distance. Click here to read my article published in Bay Weekly about Jennifer's experience training for one of the most famous marathons in the world - and remember to "digg" the article too!

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