Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring in the City

New York in the spring: clouds with short bursts of sun shooting through, sporadic showers, a breeze that's almost warm. Still, it's a fabulous place to be, whatever the season.

Last weekend my Bolt Bus arrived on Friday night to pouring rain, the temperature 25 degrees cooler than when I boarded the bus (and was almost booted to the later departure time) in Baltimore's summer-like weather. Regardless, I was happy to stretch my legs and be out of my tiny seat (although spacious compared to the Chinatown or Greyhound buses I'm used to). A reunion with college roommates made it well worth the ride, of course, and by the time we'd caught up on each other's lives it was already 3am - a far cry from my usual 11pm lights out at home. But that's New York for you: the city that never sleeps. And I did what I could to embrace that mantra.

Drizzly skies on Saturday afternoon prompted us to replace a Coney Island trip with my first MOMA visit. The extremely bizarre and interesting Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present exhibit was most notable, to say the least.

The evening brought us to the Lower East Side to a tiny BYOB (!) Thai place called Sticky Rice. Dimly lit lights accented colorful walls while loud, upbeat music gave the place a pre-party atmosphere, which complemented the bottle of wine each of us had brought to accompany our meals. A little ambitious, but I think the 10 of us finished what we brought... or most of it at least. We closed the restaurant around midnight as chairs were stacked around us, and made our way to Nurse Betty, a trendy little bar with pinup girls covering the walls. 4am came too soon, but when my head hit the pillow of a surprisingly comfortable air mattress, I was out to the world. Good night New York

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