Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Sweet Cali

I think it's time
                           for a photo montage...

la bonita playa de Coronado - the water's gorgeous, but the jellyfish are monstrous

Balboa Park, where we listened to the Hillcrest Wind Ensemble serenade us with the songs of The Wizard of Oz

one of the coolest - and possibly only - wine and spirit parlors I've been to, Vin De Syrah - decorated with umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, teapots pouring from the walls, a hidden doorway covered in grass, and the most amazing honey truffle spread

I had been craving this meal for exactly 4 years and 6 months - it was worth the wait

Redwood Regional Park - wonderous and beautiful, even when we nearly lost the car

Blue Bottle Coffee, the real San Francisco treat; despite not being a coffee drinker, I have to say the iced coffee was pretty tasty

the one and only

London reunion!