Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March in like a Lion...

...and out like a lamb. I can't actually remember what the beginning of March was like weather-wise, so much has happened since then. But today truely felt like the first day of spring, full stop. The sun was out, and temps rose to 8+ C! When the wind blew, it wasn't painfully cold, but actually felt refreshing. 

But the main reason I knew it was finally spring today is when I walked into our local Solna Centrum mall, the revolving door wasn't revolving, but was somehow wide open (not sure how these advanced mechanisms work, but obviously it doesn't take much to impress me), letting the fresh air into its store-lined corridors. Now it's official.

And so, a run down of major and not-so-major events of the last few weeks:

1. We went skiing for the first time in Sweden! A small mountain resort called Romme Alpin... rather more like a big hill... is about 2 1/2 hours drive north of Stockholm (the furthest north I've ever been!). We took a day trip a couple Saturdays ago, leaving T-Centralen at a painfully early 630am. Was well worth the lack of sleep, though, as the day could not have been more beautiful, and as it was my only skiing of the season, I took well advantage. 

Despite not having skied in over a year, it came back to me straight away. The challenge was the lifts, or rather the T-bar lifts. The people in this photo in the link look happy and at ease riding up the mountain. This was not me. The morning was fine regarding the T-bars, mainly because we mostly rode chairlifts. But after lunch, trying to get on the T-bar lift with Kate somehow went very wrong, and led to both of us falling on the ground in uncontrollable laughter as the T-bars behind us whipped by, nearly knocking us out. The lift stopped, the lift guy had to come help me get up, and yes, we were those people who everyone was waiting for.... ooops. 

Other than that, a perfect day on the slopes. 

2. Nik's brother turned the big 3-0, and we had a surprise birthday party for him here in our apartment on Saturday night. Weeks of planning over lunch, sneaking extra dishes into my bag whenever we went to visit he and his wife, paid off. Patrik was really surprised to open our apartment door to find 25 friends and family crowded in the hallway burst into song, the (Swedish) birthday song of course:

          Ja, Må Han Leva!

          Ja, må han leva!
          Ja, må han leva!
          Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år!

          Ja, visst ska han leva.
          Ja, visst ska han leva.
          Ja, visst ska han leva uti hundrade år.

          Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!  

Rough translation: yes, he lives until he's 100 years old! All right, he will, Hurrah!

And Hurrah for a great party!

3. As I sit on my couch typing this entry now, I hear a quiet groaning from above me every 20 seconds or so. This sound has been going on since Friday morning, the same interval every time, and from the hallway outside our door, you can also hear a child's voice saying something in Swedish. It was quite creepy for the first couple days, until Nik investigated. He figured out who lived there and called the apathetic tenant who was "clueless," and is unconveniently out of town until Tuesday. 

Lucky us, today is Tuesday. Unlucky us, the noise hasn't stopped. I'm starting to seriously consider dropping something not so nice into his mail slot.... maybe I'll wait a couple more days


  1. I'd like to correct part of your entry on the skiing... "led to both of us falling on the ground"

    I didn't fall over! It was just you Katie!!

    :) hehe

  2. Hahha ooops somehow forgot that it was only me : )