Monday, April 18, 2011

April in Stockholm

Saturday was the first day of warmth I've felt in, let's see, about 6 months. Stockholm spring comes a couple weeks later than spring in most of Europe, and much later than the spring I'm used to back home. But sure enough, it doesn't disappoint.

view of Gamla Stan (old town) from Skeppsholmen

Stockholm is truly a beautiful city, and in the sun, even more so. On Saturday I strolled around for hours, trying to soak in as many rays as possible along with everyone else in the city. It seems that everyone has been in hibernation for the winter, and they've all just woken up. 

Walking down the street, there are dozens of people standing completely still, eyes closed, in the middle of the sidewalk with their faces tilted toward the sun. Get me some Vitamin D! It looks silly at first, until you realize, yes! that's exactly what I want to be doing right now! Or rather, I'd love to lay in a park in my bikini, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, it's only 15 degrees C (60 F). But it's only a matter of time. 

one of many people soaking up the sun... and me trying to discretely take a photo of it

Another new development in Stockholm is the amount of light we're getting. It gets light around 5:30 am and dark around 8:30 these days, something I'm used to in the middle of June, not April. I'm definitely not complaining, though... just anxiously awaiting the days when it's never really completely dark. And the month of summer holidays everyone in Sweden gets... I have to say, the meters of snow just might be worth it all. 

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  1. Can't wait to enjoy those loooong days in summer!