Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do it Yourself, IKEA Style

Last weekend was our annual trip to IKEA waaaaay out in Barkarby. Doesn't mean much to many of you, but basically it may as well be Ukraine if you don't have a car. Which we don't. Not that I want one, but for trips like these, it would be sooo nice. [our trip back home this time was, thankfully, in the backseat of PS and KS' lovely automobile - tack för det!]

Anyways, we were in desperate need of winter-izing our apartment. Around here, cars must be winterized with chain tires, boats must be winterized too. And yes, apartments as well - especially in a place with such harsh winters.

Our winterizing items: rug, curtains, candle sticks, and a shoe rack (see above) for our soggy, snow covered boots. And yes, I put our new shoe rack together myself. My first construction of an IKEA item! I was just a little bit proud... and how good does it look in our lovely little hallway?


  1. Thanks Mom! Amazing how a few small things can make such a difference : )