Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Studentum turns 10 Years Old!

Playing catch up....

a couple weeks ago, my company - formerly Studentum AB - celebrated its 10-year anniversary. (And in doing so, changed its name to Educations.com Media Group). As is only right for any celebration of a decade, we did it big. 2pm cocktail hour at the elegant Berns Salonger - restaurant by day, nightclub/ concert hall by night - for champagne, sushi, magic, and many speeches of course. 

Berns Asian

Then back to the office for dinner, open bar, and dancing in the tech room-turned-club, complete with flashy lights and a smoke machine (which set off the fire alarm at one point).

And finally, a night of Studentum partying is never complete without a final stop at Stockholm's prestigious Cafe Opera. Where we got all the champagne we could ever want and more...

Let's just say it was a good thing I could sleep in on Saturday...

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  1. Put that bottle down, Katie Dodd!! It is bigger than you are!