Monday, November 21, 2011

Mårten Gås aka Blood Soup & Goose

I've had my fair share of bad experiences with geese, or rather, with one goose in particular (anyone from Market St knows the one I'm referring to). But betrayal by a goose - unheard of until I celebrated the Skåne tradition of Mårten Gås last weekend. 

K, K, & Gertrude

The story goes waaay back to about the 14th century when the modest monk St. Martin, actually French according to the legend, tried to escape being ordained bishop by hiding amongst a flock of geese. These geese, however, cackled so loudly they gave poor Martin away and he was unhappily sent to the ordainment. To get his revenge, Martin dined on goose for dinner - a meal which has continued through the centuries with Martin in mind.

perfect, fall-themed table - the candles are in real apples!

And so, we cooked ourselves up a goose (feathers and all!), hosted at the lovely home of P&K. As follows the Skåne (area of Southern Sweden) tradition, we started the meal with Blood Soup (this we didn't make ourselves) from the blood of the goose, mixed with spices and whiskey. I ate it, of course, and to be honest, it tasted a lot like gingerbread. Who would've thought?

The goose was served with red cabbage, boiled potatoes, and a delicious creamy sauce made from goose juices. Dessert was apple cake with vanilla sauce. And inbetween were drinking songs with shots of the classic Swedish liquor snaps, without which no holiday is complete. And so we celebrated this Skånish meal with good friends, good food, and an unlucky but very much-appreciated fresh goose.

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