Wednesday, January 4, 2012

God fortsättning i 2012!

New Years in Stockholm usually means an expensive evening squeezed at a table within inches of 2 other tables for an over-priced 3-course meal in portions I suspect are roughly the size of a 7-year old's afternoon snack. Not that I'd know because this year, after coming to the conclusion that a meal out would be no less than 1300sek (that's almost $200) per person in this city, NS and I decided to do it ourselves.

Whisky cheddar and chevre to start with the Swedish delicacy toasted skagen, followed by oxfile, asparagus and homemade french fries, and to finish, ostkaka (another Svensk favorite, their version of cheesecake) with whipped cream and raspberry jam. It was delicious, more so accompanied by champagne and plenty of wine.

We rang in 2012 with more champagne on Västerbron, one of Stockholm's highest bridges which links Kungsholmen, the island where we live, to Söder, Stockholm's southern island. From the top of Västerbron, we could see the entire city surrounded by thousands of fireworks and Chinese lanterns (a la Disney's Tangled) set off in the clear sky. It was a beautiful sight, and a New Years to remember.

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