Saturday, February 11, 2012

On Ice in Stockholm

It's days like last Saturday that make me love winter in Stockholm. Cold - well below freezing - with clear skys and a bright sun, making the snow sparkle with the gleam of a billion tiny snowflakes.

These photos are from the ice of Lake Mälaren just south of the island, Kungsholmen, where we live. The ice froze in about a week thanks to the cold front - from Russia apparently - that has swept over Europe and has stuck around since. Temperatures have been between -7°C and -19°C for the last couple weeks, usually closer to -19°C. I don't mind, though - it feels like it's supposed to feel in a Scandinavian winter, and the snow is gorgeous.


  1. We had snow too...just a little bit. Skies...
    Love you, Baby Girl!

  2. It's snowing here right now! I still get excited every time :)