Friday, May 11, 2012

Dags för Fredagsmys/ Time for Fridaycozy

One of my favorite things about Sweden is Fredagsmys!

The word mys means "cozy" and can be used to describe many situations or things - a dinner, an outing, a teddy bear, a cafe, whatever. But Swedes have a special place in their hearts specifically for Fredagsmys [silent g], literally translated to "Friday cozy."

Fredagsmys is the cozy, end-of-week evening snuggled on the couch in front of the TV, usually with a bag of candy and a bowl of chips [Swedish chip manufacturer OLW has capitalized on this concept with their Fredagsmys commercials, see above]. 

Sweden's long winter nights are well-suited to Fredagsmys, as are warm Friday evenings in May, as it turns out. Although laundry is probably not included in the typical Fredagsmys agenda, I've added it to spice things up (getting pretty crazy over here).

I can highly recommend Fredagsmys - if you haven't experienced it already, do so now. It's Friday afterall.


  1. Fredagsmys is one of my favorite things about Sweden! Plus it's a great excuse to eat junk food. :-)

  2. Yes! It's a cultural experience ;)