Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tyresta National Park

20 kilometers south of Stockholm, Tyresta National Park offers 5,000 hectacres of nearly untouched land. Us city dwellers found a true escape there on May day,* when we hiked 10 kilometers through this gorgeous woodland. With both pine and deciduous trees, Tyresta has such variety to admire, as well as (apparently) 8,000 different species of animals. We only saw a few, mostly bugs and birds, but we did see 2 small snakes basking in the sun, which was the same idea we had. 

We settled on a sunny rock by this lake for our picnic lunch, and soaked up as much sun as we could, despite the chilly wind. We hiked and we climbed and we orienteered our way, and then we ate and relaxed and hiked some more and then we were very thirsty and drank some water and hiked again

and then we were back where we started where we waited for the bus to the train to the metro to home. Our woodlands adventure was a success! Thank you Sweden for your May day holiday!

*yes, this post is slightly outdated


  1. Looks like a great day! Did you see any dangerous animals/insects? Does Sweden have ANY animals that you have to watch out for...besides moose, of course?!!

  2. It is gorgeous out there! I can't wait to go back now that everything is in bloom. Did you get to see the part of the forest that burned down a few years ago?