Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting to know Hasselhoff

Last night, I was one of a couple hundred Stockholmers who ventured out into the harsh winter elements (on a Sunday!) to meet the one and only David Hasselhoff.

that's his back just above my head!

What on Earth is David Hasselhoff doing in Sweden? you may find yourself wondering. No obvious Swedish connection, as far as I can tell. And honestly, after sitting in the first row of his new Swedish talkshow's studio audience for over 2 hours, I still have no idea. It seems he was just kind of struck by the idea that things are happening in Sweden and he should be part of them. Well, why not?

From the start, Hasselhoff was pretty upfront and relaxed, at least as far as I could tell. He introduced himself before the taping started, polling how many in the audience had been in a studio audience before and admitting that, as most of us, he's new at this whole thing too. 

Which was obvious, but in a good way I'd say. Hasselhoff did his best to eloquently pose questions to each of his 3 Swedish celebrity guests, even if he didn't know much about them. His signature question was So why are you famous? - and for each one, I was wondering the same thing. Sometimes he was eloquent, and sometimes there were long pauses while a certain "Mr. Happy" directed the Hoff from backstage through a hidden earpiece. 

Being part of a studio audience requires a certain degree of discretion when it comes to keeping details of the show under wraps until it's aired, and I'm not one to ruin a good surprise so I won't tell you who the guests were or any other exciting details. But I will say that sitting in the front row with the only signs - We heart The Hoff - in the house (thanks GK!) pays off if you want to be famous on national Swedish television. Which naturally we do. And so we shall be! Check it out and laugh with us at the ridiculousness of The Hoff in Sweden.


  1. so cool! when the show airs, see if you can find a clip to share.

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    1. He's an American celebrity who's most famous for being the star of and producing the series Baywatch in the 90's. You can check him out here -