Monday, May 5, 2014

Thank you, Dr. Oz

A lot's happened since I last wrote and I do feel the need to fill you in - but perhaps I'll come back to that another time. Now I'd rather gloat about my latest health feat: Dr. Oz's 3-day Detox Cleanse


Let me begin by saying that I hope I never have to wash a juicer as many times as I have in the last 3 days. Seriously, there are so many small, oddly-shaped pieces of plastic and countless teeny bits of spinach - kale - cucumber - berries - flax seeds - getting stuck in each little crevice and without a dishwasher, it is honestly the most tiring thing about going on a detox. 

That being said, my longest run of raw food only - or should I say juice only - diet is coming to a close this evening at midnight and I've never craved the most mundane things more. A bowl of this cereal with a banana and milk. A slice of this sausage. A bite of this candy which was tempting me from the counter at work all day. It's not even good. But I'm daydreaming about how much of it I'll have tomorrow. And those are just the things I don't care about.

Despite all my cravings for everything, I do feel cleaner, healthier, fresher. I hope these 3 days are a starting point for a long-lasting health kick, as the last couple weeks of gluttony really put me over the edge. 

But now for a new start. Tomorrow my mission is to maintain a somewhat healthy intake without gorging on pounds of candy.

And I'll add that even with the extensive cleaning required to use our juicer, I do plan to use it on occasion so please share any juice recipes you like or detoxes you've done - I'd love to try them!


  1. Are the ingredients in the shopping list all you consumed for three whole days? Very impressive! Hope your first "day back" wasn't too bad ;-).

    1. Yes they are! It was tough - especially the last night, I was so sick of kale... but it was great overall, I can definitely recommend it :)