Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There's something about zebra cakes

Who knew what joy those amazing little hexagon-shaped bundles of preservative sugar heaven, wrapped in thin white frosting with chocolate frosting stripes could provide? They're every health-nut's worst enemy, and yet - I can't resist them. Seeing them is like a beaming back to the school cafeteria where I ate lunch from the age of 9 to 18, often finishing up the meal with one or two zebra cakes.

Zebra cakes, a product of snack cake manufacturer Little Debbie, come twin-wrapped, 10 packs to a carton.  That's 20 times the joy of biting into this yellow cake and cream filling combination. But I think the key to zebra cakes is their consistency. They've got a firmness that almost crunches when you take the first bite. 

I had the rare opportunity to buy zebra cakes of my very own several months ago here in Sweden. [I can tell you, they're definitely not on the shelves of any grocery store in the country - probably because the preservatives used in them are illegal on this side of the ocean.] 

MP and I at the end of the night - mustaches were clearly made for us

But the American Embassy thankfully filled the gap. The American Women's Club hosted a Mustache Ball there in April, and I was one of a couple hundred attendees, clad in a mustache of course. I can't say that the mustache was any great success - it was relentlessly itchy and kept shedding in my mouth, making any conversation a challenge. 

But the "store" of American goods (aka table lined with Little Debbie items, Doritos, and Cheetos) was a very welcome surprise indeed. 

MP and I chatted with the girl manning the table for at least 20 minutes about our favorite Little Debbie items and how we eat them, at which point I purchased my own package of zebra cakes. However, I (mistakenly) saved them for later only to realize, upon eating them several days later, that zebra cakes should really be enjoyed directly from the box for maximum freshness, err rather... crunch. A smooshed zebra cake is a disappointment.

You just have to try them yourselves. Although I can't guarantee you won't regret it.

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