Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

But I'm back! Back to Sweden. Back to work. Back to my flat. Back to all the snow that slightly melted and then turned into patches of black ice everywhere here in Stockholm. And back to blogging. And unless I fall on that treacherous black ice and can't move my fingers, I PROMISE to be more faithful to my followers, or what's left of them.

ringing in 2011 on Observatorielunden with snow, champagne, and several hundred heavily intoxicated people

With that said, gott nytt år! That's happy new year! for you non-Swedish speakers. I made it back to Stockholm with only a day to spare before Dec 31, having been delayed by the 2 feet of snow that hit Newark just hours before my travel itinerary had me scheduled for a layover there. SO thankful not to have spent day(s) in an airport, though, as I know thousands of other people had to do.

And so we rang in the new year with our dear friends starting with the Swedish Christmas drink, glögg, then a delicious 3-course meal       


and then much drinking and merriment as a blizzard raged and we counted down the hours-minutes-seconds until we could say

Hello, 2011
and what a great year it's been so far


  1. Damn it was fun. Too bad no one else joined the dance floor.

    On a more serious note. Watch out for the bureau, it was treated with something, I have no idea what it is called in English, but it leaves a nice but too strong scent into clothes that is in the drawers.

  2. Hej Katie!

    Hoppas alt ar bra med er! Jag saknar er - kanske ni kan komma har i 2011?

    Your pictures of New Year's are great! It was 41 degrees in Melbourne that day and the Fred and I were on the beach...Just braggin'.

    Lots of love to you and your Swede, love me and my Swede.

  3. @ Christian, thanks for the bureau tip, we actually don't have anything in it right now, but I'll keep that in mind if I use it for storage : )
    @ Philippa, wow, 41 degrees, I'd love to be there right now! I wish I could say we will make it in '11, but I think its more likely in '12... Vi sakner er ocksa! Nar ska ni komma till Sverige?? Snart hoppas jag. Kram och puss!

  4. Happy New Year! We loved having you BOTH here at SRL for Christmastime 2010... and with ONE extra day too. So much fun! Stay warm and safe. xomom

  5. Remembered when you said that you would make three posts a week? Katie I love reading your blog...please write more!! And sorry about skYpe...I was in the middle of taking an online test for school.