Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Road Trip to Västervik

I think mid-January is the perfect time for a road trip. Maybe it's all the slush that's covering the streets of Stockholm, or the fact that I don't see the sun Monday-Friday, but going south seemed like a great idea last Friday. And because there was a surprise 30th birthday party scheduled for a friend on Saturday night, we made it happen - to Västervik. 

We squeezed into Nik's brother's Passat - 5 of us - straight after work on Friday, and made it to Västervik by 9. Not bad considering the ice and drifts of snow that sometimes covered our entire lane on a 2-lane road. These weren't the safest of conditions, but we arrived in one piece and were welcomed with vino and a delicious Taco Pie.

Saturday consisted of visiting with Nik's family and eating-napping-eating, a truly wonderful existence. And then, 

the birthday party! 

The gathering was literally a Sausage Fest. There were sausages hanging discreetly by the door to the venue  (so as not to be noticed by the birthday boy when he first arrived, unsuspecting), and inside were half a dozen different types of sausage: cold, hot, smoked, cured, chorizo, bratwurst. Think Bubba Gump shrimp, but with sausage.

It was wonderful and cozy and Axel (who turned 30) was surprised... although he had been wondering why there were so many potatoes in his parents' kitchen. Unfortunately, at the very moment he arrived, I crouched, ready with my camera, and heard a small beep:
Battery needs to be charged.

Somehow, as often happens, a few hours later my camera unexplainably mustered enough energy to take the only picture I have from our entire weekend. (See below)

This is what brotherly love looks like

Thank you Västervik and Happybirthday Axel!!

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  1. BUT, you have all the memories in your head and your heart....AND that one picture is a very good one! NEXT TIME...xomom