Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walking on (Frozen) Water

Sunday was one of the first really sunny days that has actually fallen on a weekend in Stockholm for awhile, and so, as the Swedes do, I went out - for a run along the water. With some better shoes, I could have gone beyond the shore; the water was completely frozen solid and looked like the central square of a city with people walking all everywhere! Dogs were running around their owners, people had their cross country skiis on, and a few were skating across the ice. A thin layer of snow lay on top, so you could see the tracks where people had been, which were scattered all over. It was such a beautiful scene, but by the time I could return just a couple hours later with my camera....

the sun had disappeared behind thick clouds, and with it the crowds had dispersed (I swear they were there before!). So it goes in Sweden. Lesson learned: enjoy the winter sunshine while you can because it is surely short-lived.

Another lesson of the ice: beware of cracks like this that stretch across the river. Although I've been assured there is no need to worry, I cannot help but feel slightly uneasy, perhaps from seeing too many movies a la 2012. Next time maybe I'll do as the Swedes do and bring isdubbars along to save me. The question is, could I use them if I was submerged in nearly freezing water?

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