Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EMG in Åre

Åre is Sweden's biggest ski resort.

Nestled in Jämland in the midwest of the country - a 7 hour train ride from Stockholm - Åre is gorgeous, on the edge of a lake creatively called Åresjön (Åre Lake). And last weekend, my team was sent to this beautiful ski village to celebrate reaching our goal last term. 

Despite overcast skies and rainy weather, EMG's International & Norwegian teams made the best of our 4-day trip. Snowmobiling and skiing are indeed possible -and fun! - in the rain. 

Although it was hard not to look forward to the well-earned After Ski at Fjällgården (see below), conveniently located on the slopes. The tricky part was skiing back down the mountain afterward. 


We had some amazing dinners, fun ski runs, wild nights out - wrapped up with a last day at Tott Hotel Spa just up the street from our abode, Åre Bed & Breakfast (sorry to all the guests who were disturbed by our music, although I have to say, going to sleep on a Saturday at 8pm is slightly unrealistic in a hostel).

Tack allihopa for a great weekend in the mountains! It was well worth the extreme exhaustion that greeted me Monday morning ... and Tuesday ... and ...


  1. Another adventure in Sweden for Katie Dodd!

  2. That's right! And another one coming up next week - 7 hours by train to Åre is nothing compared with the 18 I have ahead of me :)