Saturday, March 17, 2012

Visit to Copenhagen

Last weekend, NS & I took a little trip down south to visit his Mormor and Morfar in Malmö. While we were in the neighborhood, we decided to explore a new city, a new country, in my case: the city of Copenhagen, or Køpenhavn in Danish, just a 30-minute train ride from Malmö. 

along the historical waterfront canal, Nyhavn
People say Copenhagen feels more "continental" than Stockholm, and I can see what they mean. Denmark doesn't have the orderly rules of Sweden, and consequently things are more like, well, the rest of the continent, you could say. The streets are a little dirtier. The styles are a little more diverse - and people don't seem to care as much about what they're wearing. There is an "edgier" feel to the whole city.

There was construction all over Copenhagen as we navigated our way - by the train station, in squares, along pedestrian streets. But the city was still quite beautiful. There's so much color, and not just on the main historical canal, Nyhavn (pictured above). We found pastel-colored houses throughout the city center, of which we walked as much as possible in the 5-hour window of time we had. 

Not sure what this is, but I thought it was beautiful

A Danish friend - thanks TF! - recommended one of the few authentic Danish restaurants in Copenhagen's center, called Toldbod Bodega, pictured below, where we stopped for lunch.  

The restaurant operates under the motto "probably the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen." Reminds me of the motto for Carlsburg, "probably the best beer in the world" - perhaps Danes don't like to jump to conclusions? 

However old it is, Toldbod Bodega did not disappoint. The cozy atmosphere warmed us up, along with the beer (brewed on-site) and snaps. We sat surrounded by elderly groups of Danes who ordered beers along with full bottles of snaps - our tiny shots dwarfed in comparison. I ordered a traditional Danish dish called Shooting Star: fried and poached plaice served with caviar and shrimps. It was delicious!

Our exploration continued through the Kastellet, Copenhagen's fort, to the Little Mermaid statue, which was just that - a small statue of a mermaid surrounded by dozens of tourists trying to get their picture taken with her. I have to admit I was one of them. Notice she actually does have legs which turn into fins at the ends... 

I loved Copenhagen. And 5 hours gave us only a small taste of what this exciting city has to offer... but I hope to visit again sometime soon!

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