Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bed-a-Thon on Maryland Avenue

Every year, The Annapolis Bookstore runs a 24-hour Bed-a-Thon in the window of their cozy shop.

Beat the recession blues, read a good book in bed

they write on a chalkboard outside, urging people on the street to wander in and find a book of their own to take home. It's hard to deny the bliss of sitting in your bed, nestled under the covers, engrossed in whatever book you're reading at the moment. I read books very slowly - largely due to the little time I give myself to read - and often have trouble really getting into a story. But when I do get lost in the story, there's nothing else I want to do but finish it. And when it's done, all I want is for it to continue.

Reading in a window on Maryland Avenue from 2-3pm has its share of distractions. Friends coming in, dropping their dogs off in your lap for you to keep an eye on as they browse the Valentine's Day card selections and then collecting the pups on their way out (I of course welcome the canine company anytime); passer-bys pointing and waving at the novelty of a person lying in a bed in a window that's not in Amsterdam; and the general chatter that takes place in any place of business, but is especially interesting in this bookstore, as it serves as a sort of center of community life in Annapolis that comes so naturally to the welcoming, enthusiastic owners.

I finished 8 pages in Middlesex during my hour in the window. Nik read about 6 in one of Clancy's novels. Despite being unable to immerse myself in my book, I enjoyed the experience - distractions and all. Still, it might be a good idea to sign up for the 4am shift next year - although I'd probably read even less zzzzzzzzzzzz